Barcelona Metropolitan Area

AMBArea Metropolitana de Barcelona (Barcelona Metropolitan area) is the public administration of Metropolitan Barcelona. Its legal status is based on a law of the Parliament of Catalonia and is established as a local government composed by representatives of the different municipalities (Law 31/210 of 2 August). The main competences are established in the law are related to urban planning, transportation and mobility, and above all, environment: waste prevention and management, water supply and waste water sewage as well as other environmental issues: noise, smells, etc. in 36 municipalities with a total population of 3,214,211 inhabitants.

The total amount of waste produced and managed in Metropolitan Barcelona in 2014 has been 1,377,952 Tons, that include in 185,335.21 Tons of Bio Waste (see more data here)

The treatment processes employed in Waste Water Treatment produce sludge and extract sand and solid waste mixed with the water, which has to be managed. The total amount of sludge produced in 2014 was 54,745 tonnes of dry matter (see more data here)

The participation of AMB in the project will be carried out by the Services of Waste Prevention and Management, included in the Environmental Division (that also includes Water Supply and Treatment Services and Other Environmental Services, which include administrative environmental competences). Metropolitan Barcelona will be considered one of the analysis clusters and all the tasks related to the WP 1 and 4 as well as other foreseen in other WP that count with participation of AMB  will be prepared by the Services of Waste Prevention and Management.

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Key persons involved

Ms. Gloria Sanchez Santos is a chemist working in the Service of Waste Prevention and Management. Her main tasks are the analysis and control of effluents of the different waste treatment plants (MBT and composting plants, as well as controlled landfill closed). She collaborates in the establishment of service indicators and has at her charge the follow up of the yearly environmental and quality audit of the service processes.

Mr. Joan Carles Fernandez Vallés is an engineer working in the Service of Waste Prevention and Management. His main tasks are the monitoring and control of bio waste composting plants and MBT plants, as well as the improvement of their working conditions and final disposal thorough innovation. He collaborates in the establishment of the planning documents of Waste Management.

Mr. Pasqual Calafell Lopez is the responsible of the organic waste flow of the Waste Prevention and Management Services and monitoring of the mechanical biological treatment plants and energy recovery Metropolitan Area.