BBIABio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association Ltd (BBIA) is the UK trade body for companies producing bio-based and biodegradable products and promotes the circular bioeconomy. BBIA works to promote in the UK and Europe, the production, consumption and transformation of materials from biomass that have characteristics of biodegradability; the fundamental concept behind BBIA work is to promote soil to soil circular loops, ensuring materials that derive from biomass return to soil at the end of their life.

In this sense BBIA strongly promotes the separate collection of organic waste to be recovered through anaerobic digestion and composting, to ensure topsoil is replenished and organic carbon matter returns to soil.

Companies that are members of BBIA include producers of biopolymers from biomass, transformers of biopolymers into materials for B2B or B2C sales;  other producers of products from biomass (including insulation materials, insecticides, hospital waste treatment) and the national association for composting in the UK and investment companies.

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Key persons involved

David Newman BA(Hons), Managing Director. He is the Founder and Managing Director of BBIA and has been working on bio-materials since 2011 when he helped found the national Italian association for bioplastics, Assobioplastiche. He is also an expert in waste management, having worked in the industry since 1998 and has been President of the International Solid Waste Association since 2012.

Dr John Williams CSci CChem FRSC, S ’Investec. John is a Senior Partner and Board Member of S ’Investec LLC, a private investment company specialising in clean tech, biotech and renewables. He is responsible for identifying and valorising all proposals prior to consideration for investment. John is also a Non-Executive Director of Floreon Transform Packaging, a Hull based SME producing bioplastics. For over seven years, John was Head of Materials at the UK’s National Centre for Biorenewable Technologies, before joining S ‘Investec in 2013. Previously he had spent over 15 years in senior technical roles in the polymer industry. John holds a degree in chemistry and doctorate in polymer chemistry and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Directors, and European Chemical Society

Jeremy Jacobs Technical Director, REA. Currently, Jeremy holds the title of Technical Director for the REA and heads up the Organics Recycling Group, one of the 12 sector groups within the REA. Prior to the merger of Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR) and the REA, Jeremy was the Managing Director for the AfOR, previously known as the Composting Association, which was founded in 1994. Jeremy gained extensive technical and operational knowledge of running commercial bio waste operations, and worked in the organics recycling industry for 20 years. Jeremy gained a detailed understanding of bio waste management within the UK and managed a number of bio waste facilities in England and Australia. The current role within the REA is cross cutting with the Biogas working group and covers a diverse array of issues from regulatory compliance, permitting regulations and land spreading-related issues. Previous to his current role within the field of organics recycling, Jeremy ran his own mushroom composting and commercial mushroom growing business in Cambridgeshire and the south east of England.