Provincia Autonoma di Trento

PATNThe Trentino-Alto Adige is an autonomus Region of Italy that is constituted by the Provinces of Bozen and Trento. In this project, the Provincia Autonoma di Trento will be partner of the RES URBIS Consortium through its Agency for Wastewater Treatment, that is responsible for the planning and policy making about waste and wastewater sectors.  Moreover, the Agency is owner of the treatment plants of the Province and has therefore decisional authority regarding the management of the plants.

Over the past few decades, thanks to the cultural development marked by the Community programs of action for the environment, the Province has recognized the strategic priorities for improvement of waste management systems. PATN promotes a widespread awareness that it is necessary to invest in reducing waste and encouraging maximum recycling by reducing the resource consumption. The policies and plans of PATN are based on the idea that the recycling of inert waste allows the saving of natural resources, extending the life cycle of materials in the same sector and the reduction of allowances for final disposal, with the real possibility of implementing the principles of environmental sustainability.

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Involved key persons

Giovanni Battista Gatti  is the director of PATN plants and depuration management, working in the field of waste management since 1994. In April 2011 he brought the experience of its local authorities to an International conference hold in Venice through the report entitled: “A territorial approach for excess sludge management: the case of autonomous province of Trento”.

Paolo Mattuzzi is an engineer working for PATN in waste and wastewater sector.