SABIO srl is a recently established Italian SME focused on the development and production of biobased plastics.

SABIO srl is strongly committed to bringing sustainability to everyday life by making feasible the substitution of traditional oil-based plastics with sustainably sourced biobased materials. A strong expertise about bioplastics and our proprietary technology “Durable polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions WO 2013124361 A1“ are our means to pursue our mission.

Our technology enables the conversion of PHA into high performance biobased thermoplastic materials and thus makes possible to target even technological demanding applications.

BIODURATM is the trend name of a range of high performance biobased thermoplastic materials suitable for high end applications that is marketed by SABIO srl .


Key persons involved

M. Sc., Alessandro Carfagnini Co-founder of SABIO srl. He holds M.Sc. degree in Industrial Chemistry at University of Bologna and has been working as a researcher in the field of environmentally friendly thermoplastic materials and in particular of bioplastics. He is co-author of a patent about the use of PHA in industrial bio-plastics. During his career he covered various technical positions and cooperated to the development of traditional thermoplastic materials, both rigid engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic rubbers. He took part to EU financed projects in FP7and in H2020 programmes as material scientist.