Deliverable 1.1 - Cluster analysis framework


The deliverable 1.1 “Cluster analysis framework” is part of Task 1.1 “Assessment of territorial clusters”. The objectives of Task 1.1 are:

  • Defining and describing the individual territorial clusters that were selected as case studies in RES URBIS – i.e. Province of Trento (Italy), Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (Spain), Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (Portugal), South Wales (United Kingdom).
  • Preparing an inventory of urban bio-waste management systems, including collection, treatment and disposal of individual urban bio-waste streams.

The deliverable D1.1 describes and reports the development of a harmonized and user-friendly data collection framework, ensuring data quality and allowing for comparability across all analysed clusters. Deliverable D1.1 was revised basen on inputs receive during the mid-term evaluation of the RES URBIS project. This revised version contains an extended description of the data collection process, an explanataion of the collaborative effort towards harmonizing and understanding the data, as well as an overview of the results derived from them, and a discussion of the related implications.