Deliverable 1.2 - Screening LCA


The deliverable 1.2 “Screening LCA” is part of Task 1.2 “Life Cycle Assessment”. The objectives of Task 1.2 are:

  • Carrying out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to compare the environmental performace of of existing systems with novel approaches developed within RES URBIS.
  • Identifying hotspots and key parameters in the system to orient further research activities and/or improved data collection.
  • Addressing how waste variability and other uncertainties affect the assessed performance of the developed concept.

The present deliverable D1.2 describes and reports the first phase of Task 1.2, where a preliminary screening LCA is performed. An extensive sensitivity analysis is completed to identify important parameters to be further investigated in the second phase of Task 1.2, as well as to inform the project of hotspots where improved performance of the proposed concept could be achieved.