Deliverable 2.5 - Report on optimization of PHA production at pilot scale


The deliverable 2.5 “2nd report on PHA production” is the result of activities undertaken in Task 2.2, mostly related to last year of the project (months 16-27). Its objectives consist of:

  • Optimizing the biological process for production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) in relationship to the different organic feedstock to be valorized. The optimization concerns the three main process steps: a) acidogenic fermentation for the maximization of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and of the VFA/CODSOL ratio; b) aerobic step under feast-famine regime in the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for selection and growth of the PHA-storing organisms; c) aerobic step for PHA accumulation by the selected biomass to achieve its maximum intracellular PHA content.
  • Producing the PHA to be extracted in Task 2.3 and to be delivered to WP3 partners, who will be in charge for polymer characterization and evaluation of targeted applications.

At this stage (month 27th), this deliverable presents the results of operation of the three stage process for the pilot-scale PHA production, from involved partners (NOVAID and UNIRM/UNIVE) as well as the production of the polymer accomplished so far.