Deliverable 3.4 - Biodegradable commodity films


This report describes MI-PLAST activities on obtaining of biodegradable commodity films covering secondary and tertiary packaging uses and mulch film for agricultural sector.

During the first part of the project Mi-Plast introduced commercially available PHA based materials and studied their processabillity and possibilities of mixing with other bio-based polymers.

During the second part of the project Mi-Plast produced bio-based and biodegradable films by using waste-based PHA made in RES URBIS; for this purpose, two formulations of RES URBIS PHA were first developed by SABIO with 10% and 25% of PHA in blend with bioPBS and then processed at Mi-PLAST. Based on mechanical characterisation made by UNIRM, the compounding with 10 % of PHA brings about a film with improved mechanical properties, characterized by a higher toughness.

The total sample amount dedicated to the polymer full-scale processing did not allow to test other blend compositions or extrusion conditions. However, the obtained promising results envisage a possible tuning and improvement of the blend film mechanical properties by adding suitable compatibilizers, cross-linkers or biodegradable fillers, according to well-established technologies reported in literature.