Deliverable 4.2 - Social aspects: report on social barriers and/or driving forces

Biobased products originated from organic waste will probably be new products on the market in a near future. However, these products need to be accepted by buyers and society in general before a real market can be created.

Although the product originated from organic waste is designed to be similar to a new product produced from virgin materials, it is very important to understand if the consumers are available to switch from traditional products and to identify potential drivers of (or barriers to) the acceptance of bio-waste products that comes from urban bio-waste; the results of our study help in that direction.

In this framework a preliminary study was carried out to verify the acceptance of buyers for waste derived products. First findings show a general acceptance of consumers in new and appropriate CE initiative, particularly in the tentative to replace traditional plastic with transforming waste into a raw material suitable for biobased products. In particular, in this first part of the study, UK was considered as an example but future research in other countries would help significantly to verify our preliminary findings.