Deliverable 5.3 - RES URBIS integrated portfolio


We have here analysed the portfolio of RES URBIS based on initial assumptions, technical work done by WP3 and desktop work done in WP5 in order to obtain a finalized integrated portfolio for RES URBIS.
We refer to Portfolio as this term is generally understood in the chemical industry, as a set of products /chemicals /materials that are offered by a company and it is good praxis to base the offer on a strategy.
The market and competitive scan performed in this study has shown that there is unmet need for PHA among biodegradable plastics and the global capacity is still far from sufficient to match demand, therefore there is a potential market space for PHAs produced by RES URBIS technology.
The three initial application areas of consumable packaging, split into interlayer specialty film and commodity film, environmental remediation and durables, interior furniture have been reviewed based on market assessment and performance assessment; it has emerged that so far the specialty packaging interlayer film and environmental remediation have demonstrated to provide a good fit between requirements for the application and properties of the polymer, and also shown in the tests.
Commodity films and durable interior furniture are still under tests, however there are concerns due to Molecular Weight (MW) potential required for those application.
Based on performances of interlayer film and the related adhesive market, so called “adjacent” for marketing analysis purposes, in particular those applications currently covered by ether based polyurethanes (Pus) have been scanned in terms of market potential as potential extension for RES URBIS integrated portfolio.
The total market opportunity for RES URBIS integrated portfolio exceeds € 30 billion, therefore it allows large room to play in this landscape even assuming a small initial share, e.g. 1%.