Permanent members

Permanent members are invited to attend all meetings. These are established in the list below, and currently involve 44 members. Among  these, a strong interaction has been established with other EU Projects, which are also included in the list.





ADBA AD Plant Operators Association UK
Agrimax AGRIMAX EU project EU
AgroCycle Agrocycle EU project EU/Ireland
Akzonobel Akzonobel Ltd Company Netherland
ATS Alto Trevigiano Servizi SpA Company/Consortium Italy
AMA AMA Roma Company Italy
Asobiocom ASOBIOCOM Industrial Association Spain
Assobioplastiche ASSOBIOPLASTICHE Industrial association Italy
BASF BASF GmbH Company Germany
BBSRC BBSRC Public Authority UK
BioBase4SME BioBase4SME EU project EU
Biocomposites Centre Biocomposites Centre, Bangor University Academic UK
Biotec Biotec Gmbh Company Germany
Centre for Process Innovation UK Company UK
Contarina Contarina SpA Company/Consortium Italy
Copenhagen Copenhagen Municipality Local Authority Denmark
Corvaglia Corvaglia Company Switzerland
EM Ecoparc del Mediterrani SA Company Spain
Engicoin Engicoin EU project EU/Italy
Euraqua Euraqua - European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations Research Association EU
FCC FCC Citizen Services Company Spain
Fkur Fkur Company Germany
Legambiente Legambiente ONG Italy
BEIS Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Public Authority UK
Model group Model Holding AG Company Switzerland
MWE MWE - Municipal Waste Europe Platform EU
NatureWorks Natureworks Llc Company USA/EU
NoAW NoAW EU project EU/France
Nova Institute Nova Institute Research institut Germany
Novamont Novamont  Company Italy
Panacea Panacea (Wageningen University) EU project Germany
Paques BV Paques BV Company Netherland
Pilots 4U Pilots 4U EU project EU
Pyhajarvi Instituutti Pyhäjärvi Instituutti Research institut Finland
RCT Rhondda Cynon Taff County Council (RCT) Public Authority UK
Scalibur Scalibur EU project EU
IBioIC Scotland Centre for Industrial Biotechnology Public programme UK
Smarat-Plant Smart-plant EU project EU
  South Wales Local Authorities Local Authorities UK
WRAP Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Charity UK
Welsh Water Welsh Water Utility UK
WssTP WssTP - European Technology Platform for Water Platform EU