MI-PLASTMi-Plast d.o.o. is a company based in Rijeka, Croatia, founded in 1993. Company’s main activity is the processing of LDPE and HDPE materials, bio polymers, packaging and production of these materials, as well as regeneration and recycling of these materials. The products obtained by processing of polyoefins and bio materials are mainly used in the construction sector, agriculture and in retail sector. These products are: agriculture mulch, shopping bags, garbage bags, construction film foils, laminated foils etc. The company is placing its products mainly to the countries in the South Eastern Europe, Slovenia and Italy. MI-PLAST provides agriculture products to public institutions in the field of agriculture and to private companies. The company markets its products through its retail stores (field sales) and by direct contact with customers. MI-PLAST is a member of Croatian Economy Chamber and Croatian plastic and rubber products manufacturers association. The company is constantly trying to invest in modernization of the production process through R&D projects and aims at increasing innovative green products range. Also we have to mention that Mi-Plast company is one of the founders of first Center of competence Rijeka for bio economy and biotechnology. This center is first of this kind in Croatia and East and South-East Europe where Mi-Plast have main and significant role in center. Work of center will be oriented to the process of utilization of MSW and bio waste streams from industry sectors. Mi-Plast is a full member of BIC (bio based industry consortium) and as a well focused SME is the only member from East Europe.

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Key persons involved

Mr. Filip Miketa: M.A. in International trade and business. As a chief Operating Officer he develops marketing and commercial activities in MIPLAST.He is also involved in the company´s green business and products process implementation. He is involved in FP7 project Bio-QED as project manager

Mr. Danijel Miketa: Agricultural technician, he develops commercial activities in the company´s agriculture products sector. He manages the technical trials on the new products developed by the company. He is involved in FP7 project Bio-QED as a technical researcher.

Mr. Davorin Miketa: Holds a Master degree in economics, he is an Owner and Chief executive officer at MI-PLAST. Mr. Davorin Miketa has more than 40 years of experience in Industrial manufacturing and applied technology of plastic products. He was one of the first private entrepreneurs in former Yugoslavia and owned private small factory from the year 1980. He is responsible for company´s further industrial development and green process implementation.   He is involved in FP7 project Bio-QED as a technical researcher

Alan Drljacic: Chemical engineer with 30 years of experience in refining, compounding and             chemical industry. He has extensive experience in new products formulation and development