Is it worth to recover carbon from waste streams of urban origin?

Municipal wastewater contains a lot of organic matter (COD)!

Around 100-120 g COD/(inhabitant per day), mostly biodegradable.

Unfortunately, it is strongly diluted in around 250-350 L.

Nevertheless, a major portion is concentrated back in primary and excess sludge.


The organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OF-MSW)

A comparable amount of COD (around 30-40% more) originates from the same urban area, mostly through source-sorted collection of the organic matter (OF-MSW).


Agro- and food-industry wastewater and waste

A lot of biodegradable COD is also present in industrial wastewater/waste, especially from agro-industries and food-processing industries, often in much more concentrated streams


Although all these streams have similar COD composition and originates from same area, they are separately handled. COD is seldom recovered, but for carbon stabilization as compost or energy recovery through bioconversion into biogas