Main achievements

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Is the PHA (biodegradable biopolymer) production from organic waste technically feasible? Yes Full technology chain demonstrated at pilot scale, and robust enough D2.4, D2.5, D2.6, D2.8
Can the PHA production be integrated with existing waste treatment plants? Yes Integration with anaerobic digestion plants and increase of their capacity D1.1, D5.4, D5.5
Is the PHA production from organic waste economically affordable? Yes At a cost of 3 €/kg and even less in favourable conditions D5.4
Is the PHA production from organic waste environmentally sustainable? Yes Based on LCA, negative environmental burden with respect to baseline scenarios D1.3
Is the PHA production from organic waste acceptable in a consumer perspective? Yes Good willingness to purchase D4.2
Can the PHA production from organic waste be implemented under present regulation? Yes «End of waste» criteria to be defined yet. A tentative dossier prepared D4.1, D4.3
Is the PHA production from organic waste well aligned to European policy (i.e. Circular Economy Package, European Plastic Strategy)? Yes Fully aligned to European policies for Cicular Economy and for Plastics. Role of biodegradable plastics and sludge management to be better defined D4.1, D5.3
Is the produced PHA suitable for intended applications? Yes Potential for replacing oil-based plastics, for selected applications. D3.3, D3.4, D3.5, D3.6
Microcontaminants at acceptable level D3.2
Does a market exist for PHA from organic waste? Yes High potential for selected applications D5.3