Some pictures taken at RES URBIS events

Kick-off meeting 1 Kick-off meeting, Jan 25-27 2017

Barcelona meeting 1Barcelona meeting 2

Barcelona meeting 4

Barcelona meeting 5Barcelona meeting 3

Meeting in Barcelona, Jun 19-21 2018



Shared EU-China impact-oriented solutions 1Shared EU-China impact-oriented solutions 2

Shared EU-China impact-oriented solutions, Bejing, Oct 22-23 2018

The 5th RES URBIS Meeting

5th meeting day 1 - RES URBIS pilot plant in Treviso5th meeting day 3 - WP meetings in Venice

The 5th meeting has been an itinerant one. It started and ended in Venice, touching Treviso (RES URBIS pilot plant), Trento, Verona ('Cooperativa La Torre' farm, NoAW pilot plant) and Soave. Many pictures have been taken, above are just two samples, but more can be seen visiting the dedicated page

The 6th RES URBIS Meeting

The 6th meeting has been held at the IASA-CSIC venue in Valencia6th meeting - RES URBIS meeting - the venue. Pictures taken during the meeting are available in the dedicated page




The RES URBIS Closing Meeting

The Closing Meeting has been held in Rome, at the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University and in the Monumental complex of S. Salvatore in Lauro (Stakeholder session, 11 December) RES URBIS closing meeting. Photos are available in the dedicated page