Stakeholders platform

In order to maximize the impact of RES URBIS, a platform is established where project partners are in tight connection with stakeholders, which include public authorities and utilities, industry representatives and their associations, social non-governative organization. Through sharing knowledge and expertise, the Stakeholder Platform (SP) aims at defining stakeholders’ needs and expectations along with identifying all technical and economic barriers through the whole technology chain from waste production to market exploitation of desired products, as well as giving suggestions about possible solutions that will be investigated during the project. The SP is also planned to play a key role to design and perform dissemination activities and to interact with other European platforms . More in detail, the SP is aimed at:

a) Helping into defining stakeholders’ needs and expectations from waste management sector to market exploitation of bio-based end-products.

b) Helping into identifying technical, environmental, regulatory, economic and social barriers and constraints along the whole technology chain an products as well.

c) Giving recommendations and suggestions about the feasibility of possible solutions that will be investigated and found during the project.

d) Giving above reported support with both reference to the different sectors involved based on their respective specialization (including market analysis) and to selected territorial clusters, also based on their national relevance.

e) Giving also support to elaborate well-targeted dissemination material and spread it around through the communication networks of stakeholders themselves.

There are two categories of SP members; the first is the permanent members who are invited to attend all meetings, the second category are local members, i.e. SP members in the local territory of each partner who are invited to attend in person when the members meeting is held in that territory.

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