RES URBIS concept is explored through a net of 8 Work Packages which are grouped into 3 main blocksStructure of the project

Open challenges to be appropriately addressed:

  • WP1 Territorial challenges: analysis of present and proposed management systems at territorial cluster level
  • WP2 Process-related technical challenges: addressing a number of technical issues along the technology chain
  • WP3 Product-related technical challenges: developing a number of targeted applications
  • WP4 Regulatory challenges: identifying and filling the regulatory gaps and defining “end of waste criteria”

Impacts to be maximized:

  • WP5 Exploitation: the economic assessment of the technology chain and its product portfolio
  • WP6 Dissemination: communicating RES URBIS achievements to both general and specialized audience

Project management:

  • WP7 Management, to ensure needed interaction among WPs and to fulfill project goals.
  • WP8 Ethics, to ensure fulfillment of ethic requirement for environment, safety and human participation

In this general structure, each WP is further divided into specific Tasks, which Deliverables and Milestones are associated to. A general overview of this structure is reported in the figure 6 (some Task title have been shortened with respect to the text, for the sake of simplicity)